Taking up the baton from three generations completely devoted to their work with flour, in the sixties J.A. Arruabarrena, whilst remaining loyal to the family tradition of artisanal methods in which care, time and the heat of the ovens converted wheat into bread, decided to venture into the world of confectionery and pastry making in the 60s, applying all the family expertise to the careful making and golden baking of these products.

Soon, we decided to concentrate on pastry-making in its most varied forms and over the last 30 years have acquired a very specific expertise in pastries with honey. During this period we have adapted our artisanal processes, passed down from one generation to another, to the most modern, advanced techniques of preparation, shaping and baking.

Currently, we have two modern production plants, located in Lazkao (Guipúzcoa) and Pina de Ebro (Zaragoza) with four advanced baking lines, plus several fermentation lines for bakery products, with a production capacity that enables us to be present throughout the whole of mainland and insular Spain, as well as giving us a firm foothold in the EU markets. We also have our own fleet of refrigerated trucks to guarantee the delivery of our products from the oven to the end consumer in the shortest time possible.


EL PEQUEÑO MOLINO, S.A. - Polígono Industrial, s/n - Tel. 976 16 64 64 • Fax. 976 16 65 00 - 50750 PINA DE EBRO (ZARAGOZA)

J. ANTONIO ARRUABARRENA - C/ Hiribarren, s/n - Tel. 943 88 70 30 • Fax. 943 88 54 71 - 20210 LAZKAO (GUIPÚZCOA)