Tray 270grs


Bakery and pastry product. Puff pastry dough.

Applicable legislation: Regulation (CE) 2073/2005, modified by Regulation 1441/2007 regarding microbiological criteria for food products. Royal Decree 496/ 2010 of 30 April, approving the quality standards for confectionery, bakery and pastry products.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, vegetable margarine (Vegetable oil and fat, water, emulsifier, salt, acidity regulator, preservative, butter aroma, antioxidants, colouring), water, sweetener (lactitol), chocolate chips with sweetener 5% (Cocoa paste, sweetener, cocoa butter, powdered skimmed cocoa, modified starch, emulsifier, vanilla aroma) bran, multi-cereals, (Wheat flour, toasted natural sesame, hulled millet, brown flax, peeled sunflower seeds, oat flakes, dark malt flour, toasted rye).
May contain traces of nuts, sesame seeds, soya, milk and dairy products.
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